Vanity Fair

Currently creating hijinks and up to no good in Underground Railway Theater's production of VANITY FAIR, adapted from William Makepeace Thackery's

19-century novel by Kate Hamill.

Now running through February 23rd.

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The Crucible

This production marked my second time collaborating with Bedlam at Central Square Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I had the privilege to play three roles: Thomas Putnam, a wealthy landowner, Marshal Herrick, and Judge John Hawthorne. 


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Read about Bedlam here.

I have recently completed my time serving as SpeakEasy Stage Company’s Artistic Fellow in Boston, Massachusetts, assisting the Producing Artistic Director in their 28th season of presenting intimate New England premieres that create conversation. My work with SpeakEasy included continuous season planning advisement, oversight on casting and auditions, and an active role as a new work producer.

Read about SpeakEasy here.

SpeakEasy Artistic Fellow